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Micromedia: A Shortcut to Effective Advertising

Micromedia has begun its steady climb to the throne of our hyper-stimulated society. Storytelling has been squashed into the span of a few seconds because that is all viewers care to handle at once. With new social media platforms accommodating this trend, what are the implications for advertisers?

The Rise of Social TV: How Social Media Is Amplifying TV Advertising

Research has shown that TV-watching and social media usage isn’t mutually exclusive. Consumers appear to love using social media while they watch TV. Many discuss what they’re watching, and these conversations continue long after air-time, with TV-linked chatter accounting for a significant percentage of overall social media activity. TV industry players and TV-focused marketers realized they could piggyback… Read More…

5 Tips to Keep Your Brand Relevant

All brand managers would love to have a brand that is hot, relevant and shows the kind of retail velocity that we all dream about. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Like musicians, brands get stale and irrelevant unless they reinvent themselves to be current as consumers’ likes and dislikes change over time. This reinvention could… Read More…