AdBuy’s proprietary, 5-step process is designed to maximize the performance of your budget in the unique marketing environment that your organization is facing. It’s a custom fit to understand your audience, target them effectively, and constantly revise and adjust to engage and hold their attention.

<em>Plan</em> your campaign

Plan your campaign

  • We conduct an extensive discovery with you to determine your vision, your objectives and how you will define success.
  • Using advanced analytics and behavioral targeting, we focus on deciphering who your consumers are, what they are interested in and why your brand is relevant to them.
  • Once we’ve identified your target audience, we will provide you with several different media strategies and explain how each can work within your goals and budget.
  • Based on the needs of your enterprise, this process can usually take 2 weeks.
  • Once you are completely satisfied with the plan, we proceed by triggering the logistics of your campaign.
<em>Create</em> your campaign

Create your campaign

  • We identify the right delivery methods for your campaign to deliver your value proposition to a qualified prospect base, while engaging existing customers to develop brand loyalty.
  • We coordinate seamlessly with creative agencies and program developers to produce ads that will not only capture your target market’s attention but also engage them in your message.
<em>Place</em> your campaign

Place your campaign

  • We hone in on specific media placement and work your media buys to deliver your message through media channels that offer qualified viewership.
  • Gain the leverage you need from our years of expertise in building relationships with the industry’s top media channels.
  • We coordinate all campaign logistics while providing robust reports of how every one of your marketing dollars is spent.
<em>Measure</em> your campaign

Measure your campaign

  • Metrics, Metrics, Metrics – we will show you exactly how your campaign is performing.
  • Detailed, weekly progress reports will show you the response to each buy.
  • Trend analysis will help you to see how your marketing budget is performing over time.
  • Our ROMI – Return On Marketing Investment – process is the most quantifiable, unbiased methodology to review the traction of your advertising spend.
<em>Maintain</em> the campaign

Maintain the campaign

  • As we analyze the performance of each campaign, we will adjust buys to maximize performance.
  • We make recommendations on ad modifications and manage your changes to landing pages and tweaks to social media to make sure your message stays on target.
  • We will launch well-placed reminders in prospects’ path, designed to reinforce your brand and drive customers to action.

An AdBuy representative can demonstrate how this process applies to your unique marketing situation. Interested in learning more?

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