Why Ads Grab You More on Facebook Than on TV or the Web

A study released by NeuroFocus, a Berkeley-based unit of Nielsen that uses analysis of brainwave patterns to determine the impact of various kinds of marketing, indicated when comparing ads shown on TV, corporate websites and Facebook, Facebook scored better on both attention to and emotional engagement with the ads. The conclusion is that consumers respond differently to the same advertisement presented in a different medium.[i]

“The results of this study are significant because the creative format of a Facebook ad was previously considered weak compared to television,” stated Frederic Bien, Managing Partner at AdBuy. “I feel the reason that Facebook ads perform so well is that they are very closely targeted to the interests of very specific audiences. Once you have a media where you can target a specific niche, such as a Facebook Profile page, you can make advertising very emotionally engaging.”

For more on AdBuy’s strategies for Facebook and other social media, as well as traditional television advertising, see how we do it.

[i] Hof, Robert, “Why Ads Grab You More on Facebook Than on TV or the Web,” Forbes, (12/07/2011), http://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthof/2011/12/07/why-ads-grab-you-more-on-facebook-than-on-tv-or-the-web/