What is Effective Media Buying?

For media buying to help you hit your sales targets, you need to evaluate a wide range of factors including station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics relating to your product or service and your advertising goals. This is why you need an expert to do the job properly.

When buying media, the media buyer needs to optimize the client’s budget to get the most for every dollar spent. They also need to evaluate what media will deliver the most targeted traffic to a client’s message.

Traditional media features a polished message, sent one-way in a controlled environment, where reach and frequency are the primary metrics determining success. Social media is a two-way conversation often with a combination of brand and user-generated content, where the level of user engagement is the metric that matters most. You need a media buyer that knows and understands the difference, and can create the right combination to target the right audience with the right media mix to maximize exposure while minimizing cost.