Advertisers Moving Ad Dollars from TV to Online Video Options

The shift to online spend from traditional media (in this case TV) has been steady across the board as advertisers are starting to more fully understand the value of being in both places vs. taking a “one or the other” approach. It only makes sense.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has taken a keen interest in this shift (hmmmm, I wonder why?) and has provided some ‘evidence’ as reported by eMarketer. The following data does not address the percentage of spend that advertisers are looking to shift but with the large percentage of advertisers doing it the dollars will start to grow.

Shifting TV to Digital Dollars

It’s not like the TV advertising industry is going to dry up and go away. It is however, going to be less powerful as the years go by. Marketers / advertisers will be forced to cover both mediums well in order to be reaching their target markets effectively. It’s inevitable. The TV folks that embrace this paradigm shift will do quite well while those who resist or deny it (like many newspapers have and we see how that is ending) are going to suffer.

So where are these ad dollars headed?

Formats of Digital Video

As an end user I am saddened to see that pre-roll video is where it is in the hierarchy. It’s a nuisance in most cases but being forced to watch something really determines whether you wanted the content on the other side of the ad or not. I have dropped out more than a few times figuring I would cut my losses by not wasting time on an ad AND marginal content.

So how do you see this shift? How do you respond, as a consumer, ads in video and videos as ads?


 AUGUST 20, 2013